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A definition of the American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO):

"Osteopathy is a complete system of medical care. The philosophy is to take into consideration evert aspect of the patient, not only his symptoms. It focusses on the interrelatedness of the body's structure and functions and its inherent physical ability

to heal itself." The osteopath makes a series of specific tests and questionas to evaluate the condition of the different systems of your organism:

- osteo-muscular system

- nervous system

- uro-genital & visceral system

- hormonal system

- inmunological system


  • ear and sinus disorders

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • migraines

  • menstrual pain

  • irritable bowel syndrome

  • lower and upper back pain

  • whiplash from accidents or emotional impacts

  • and many other symptoms and ailments

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The doctors told me that I would need to undergo surgery, that there was no other way to fix my pain. After 2 sessions with the osteopath, the pain was gone! I can't believe it and it hasn't come back until now. Now I go regularly to see my osteopath because it is really good for my health in general."

- Jordi P.

"I had a difficult delivery, very long. In the end they had to use a forceps. My baby was always so twitchy, cried a lot, had a lot of reflux and woke up every hour. After only 1 sessión of osteopathy she is now so much more calm, sleeps 5 hours straight and has no more reflux."

- Sarah B.

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