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ARQROMERTHERAPY for allergy treatment

Arqrometherapy is a non-invasive psycho-physical technique that combines different methods from various therapies, such as eg. of archetype therapy, kinesiology, magnetotherapy, traditional oriental medicine, chromotherapy, chiromassage, and many more. The combination and synthesis of several therapies allows access to the structural, emotional and nutritional level of the person, helping to create a balance in the patient's diet, physical and emotional health.

It is a very effective therapy to help get rid of allergies and intolerances of all kinds (food, respiratory, skin) and in combination with food, maintain a healthy diet that helps the physical-emotional-energetic balance of the person.

It also helps to improve infections, whether viral, bacterial or fungal, and other complex issues to treat, such as eg. chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.

Marta Tarragona is a specialist in Arqrometherapy and has been helping to improve the health of people affected by the aforementioned pathologies since 2005.

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