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This therapy applies strong magnets to specific points of the body to help eliminate bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites which are the cause to almost any desease. Magnets can also help to reduce edemas, pain, colesterol, among others. It is also recommended to help reduce stress situations and depression. As well, the magnets can be used to help eliminate the energetic memory of trauma stored in the body and can help to contribute to rebalance the whole biomagnetic energy field of the person.

This therapy was developped in Mexico where it is very common to receive treatment from a "magnetizer" for any kind of pathology.

This therapy is NOT APT for pregnant women and for people who receive chemo-therapy. However, it can be applied before or after the pregnancy / chemo-therapy.

Also, people who have a pace-maker cannot be treated in the area where the pace-maker is placed.

Biomagnetic Therapy is a complementary therapy that seeks to accompany the treatment offered by alopathic medicine.


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“It's unbelievable how the magnet therapy has helped me to improve my physical health. I once had a gout attack and with only 1 sessión I could walk again without a cane. I highly recommend it. Ralf gets to the root of any ailment with incredible precision through kinesiology testing. He then puts the magnets and after a few sessions those ailments are gone."

- Manuel C.

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