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Systemic constellations are a very powerful tool to resolve challenges in relation to your partner, your family, your coworkers, a management team in a company and as well to address health issues.

With systemic constellations we can obtain a profound comprehension on how persons interact under the influence of hidden dynamics related to the context/ system to which they belong; we can quickly uncover these dynamics and disorders that are behind a conflict, a challenge or a medical condition and obtain a sustainable solution. This method allows to clear out the hidden obstacles. You can achieve an improvement in the harmonic interaction of the persons and their environment. This is also called “systemic health”.

This method is also indicated to help resolve problems in companies, projects, teams, etc. They way to work is different from so-called "family constellations". When working a business or professional issue, the privacy of the individual is completely protected and will not show up during the constellation. It is a fantastic method to resolve difficult decision making, to solve conflicts, to dissolve passive resistant behaviour and to manage a change process in a company.

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It is hard to describe how this works, but it really works! It's like some sort of magic that acts behind the scenes. My relation with my parents has become so much better and as well, my brother behaves differently now; it's as if the conflict has dissapeared. "

- Ferran T.

I went to constell because my children were giving me such a hard time, I didn't know what to do anymore. I was exhausted! The constellation made me realize where the true problem was. It was something that had to do with me and not with the kids - it was totally unconscious. After the constellation, already the next day, they behaved so differently! They are much more balanced now. I didn't have to say or explain anything. I guess it's due to the change that happened within me during the session.

- Begoña V.

“Your constellation helped me a lot; I went to constell with you because I like how you treat issues, your point of view and also how you take care of people. On other occasions I saw other constellation facilitators and it’s not like that - sometimes they don’t know when to stop or how to stop. Truth is that you helped me a lot, I feel very different about myself now and I am sure that my partner will also see the results in the relation with his son, that’s what I expect and I wanted to thank you.”

- Yvonne B.

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