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Why Massage?

To touch is to connect. It’s a simple thing but the effects can be profound. From our earliest experiences it has soothed us. Massage utilises this power to relax, heal and rejuvenate.

Using different massage techniques in seamless combination, it can bring varied benefits to every person. Just as each person is a unique individual, their needs can be best met by a bespoke combination of massage techniques.


Why you?

From busy executives and pregnant mums, to dedicated athletes and those recuperating from illness or injury – everyone can benefit from massage. And with a responsive approach, it can help you relax, renew, energise or heal. If you work at a computer, a massage can help release tension, realign structures and reduce complaints. If you’re pregnant or a new parent, massage can put something back in, softening muscles, easing tension and replenishing energy levels. If you’re in training or nursing an injury, targeted therapies can optimise your performance as well as aid recovery from trauma, accidents or overuse.

Make your appointment for a massage

"Catherine helped me out of a chronic injury thanks to her understanding of my back problems. After the drastic improvement I could not stop attending weekly sessions. It seems magic !! I highly recommend it."

- X. Martí

"Catherine Hamilton is the best massage therapist I’ve found in Barcelona! Her wonderful hands and knowledge of anatomy are top notch. I’ve been her client for years and also happily refer her to my patients. If you want a wonderful massage, she will not disappoint you!"

- Emily K.

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